Thursday, September 5, 2013

Faster Heart Attack Treatment Not Saving More Lives

A new study out today says that getting treatment sooner is not saving more lives; specifically referring to balloon angioplasty treatment of patients who have complete blockage in an artery.

This is even more reason to start on curing your heart disease NOW - rather than waiting for an emergency treatment that may not be successful in saving your life. Plus, if you do suffer a heart attack you could lose heart muscle and be weaker and less able to exercise; exercise is a key component in curing your heart disease.

Plus, if you have a heart attack, you are likely to receive a stent, which requires that you take Plavix or some similar drug for a long time. Plavix has many nasty side effects. I was prescribed Plavix after my first heart attack and after my second. I took it for two years and developed a weird rash that took a long time to go away. I do not take it now even though it was prescribed; instead I take two 325 MG aspirins daily and Vitamin E.

I urge you - if you have heart disease - to start exercise and diet today to get healthy before you have a heart attack.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vitamin K2 is critical to your heart and arteries

If you have heart disease, you probably have, not only lipid deposits, but arterial calcification in your arteries. That calcification narrows the arteries and raises your blood pressure. It needs to come out.

There is a place that it is supposed to go - to your bones. But there is a nutrient that we are supposed to eat that we are not getting much of in our diet and that nutrient is Vitamin K2; specifically the MK-7 version of K2. If we had eaten large quantities of leafy green vegetables most of our life, we would have steadily been receiving minute quantities of K2 and the calcium that we now have in our arteries would be in our bones.

Now though, because we have arterial calcification, we need larger quantities of MK-7 than we would normally get from our diet. This larger quantity of MK-7 can, with time and steady ingestion, clear the arterial calcification from our bones and help heal our heart disease.

The richest dietary source of MK-7 is Natto - a fermented soy food popular in Japan that has large quantities of MK-7. The flavor of the food is definitely an acquired taste though, and many people find that the taste is strong enough they do not want to consume it. The solution is to take supplements that contain MK-7.

It is interesting to note that people in the US consume, on average, far more dairy products than people in the rest of the world, but the incidence of osteoporosis is very high in the US compared to people who eat few dairy products. What's even more interesting is that people who get their calcium from green leafy vegetables have very low incidence of osteoporosis. That's because most dairy has very limited supplies of Vitamin K@ compared to green leafy vegetables.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting Hungry When You Really Are Not Hungry

One practice that is essential in curing your heart disease is to never eat unless you are really hungry. When you pile food on top of food already in your stomach, the result is high blood sugar. I know because I have done it often enough myself. When I eat before I am really hungry and take my blood sugar reading an hour after a meal it is always higher than it would normally be if I had waited until I felt true hunger. Now I never eat unless I feel hunger pangs three times. Then I will prepare my meal and eat.

If you are not getting hungry soon enough you are doing something wrong:

Meals that are too large

If your meals are too large, your blood sugar will go too high and you will add to your existing arterial blockage. The right number of calories varies, depending on your level of physical activity but it is usually good practice to never eat any meal that is more than 500 calories.

Eating unbalanced meals

If you eat meals that have too many or too few of one of the three macro-nutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates), your body will get hungry for one of the missing macro-nutrients before you finish digesting the previous meal. If you have ever tried low carb diets I am sure that you have felt this. That's because your body really does need all three macro-nutrients in a mix that is appropriate to your activity level. If you are an endurance athlete you are going to need far more carbs at a meal than if you are an office worker. An office worker running a triathlon is going to need more carbs on that day then they need on days when they go to the office.

This is one of the most common causes of false hunger. You feel like you really need carbs but you are still digesting a high protein or high fat meal. That's one reason that people feel compelled to snack between meals. They are trying to compensate for eating an unbalanced meal. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

I am baaack....

As you can see from the big time lapse between this post and the previous post, I had a bad heart attack four years ago, almost to the day, and promptly forgot all about recording my cardiac experiences. I did do a lot of dieting during those four years, using the Atkins diet, and I went from 305 lbs to 205 lbs. Little did I know that I was still creating more heart disease while I was eating all that meat and fat. I would never recommend the Atkins diet, or any other low car diet to anyone for that reason. It is simply unhealthy.

Now I have had another heart attack and my weight is back to 285 lbs. This time though, I decided NOT to have a stent. The last time that I got a stent, my heart rate went to 150 for two days. That is not something that I want to repeat. It could not have been good for my heart to work that hard for so long.

I had been reading Dr. Fuhrmann before I had the heart attack and had been planning on using his methods of fasting and vegan eating to lose my weight and cure my heart condition. I was too late though and had been somewhat unconvinced about that approach when I had the heart attack.

I finally have become convinced that vegan eating is the right approach, not only for curing my cardiac disease and losing weight, but for general health in all ways. The thing that finally convinced me was a website by Dr. Michael Greger: uses scientific studies to make an incredibly convincing case for the vegan lifestyle and he backs up everything that he says with scientific studies that he quotes.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I might as well come clean right from the start.  Last week I had a heart attack.

It was completely unexpected.  At least I didn't expect it. Probably many of the people that watched me walk by wondered when it was going to happen.  I'm certainly fat enough.  I still had the swagger of the successful and athletically fit person that I once had been.  It's pretty silly when I think about it now.  I'm exactly six feel tall and I weigh 305 lbs.  I am going to be 56 years old this July, 2009. Somehow I had the reverse problem that anorexic people do, where no matter how thin they get they still think they are fat.  Only that, for me, no matter how fat I got, I still thought I was just slightly chubby.

I was eating 20 oz Porterhouse steaks, matched with a whole bottle of wine just for me.  Of course, I had to be healthy too so I had a big salad with all of it.  Our local steak house had Bleu Chesse dressing to die for, and, little did I know, I almost would die for it.

Of course I had to prompt my poor wife, same age as me, to gorge herself with me.  I guess we thought we were still 30 something and would work off the excess weight some day soon.  At least that's what we told ourselves, as we ate and ate.  I have a friend, David, who back then was open enough to mock me about my health and fitness.  I used to assure him that he was wrong, that health was just around the corner.  He got uglier and uglier about it and more and more upset with me for my stupidity.  Too bad I didn't know then that his ridicule was right on the mark and I was being a complete imbecile with everything I was doing.

Sorry to digress so long but I had to explain just how much of an idiot I was being so that you can understand where I came from..